Richardo from Sweden -World Champion Balance Artist


For agents


Agent movie Richardo The video opens in a new no-name window and can be shown for your clients with no contact information. My balance act can be up to 8 minutes long. In the clip above my golf club balance is not shown.

Songs: the songs can be streamed during the performance or can be sent by email. For live music I have notes.


Luggage requirements for one day galas: one checked in luggage weighs 32 kilos.

Departure from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Technical requirements:  I have a wireless microphone with a receiver for my violin with Carrier Frequency Range 502~960 MHz with 16 different channels to chose from. 110-240 Volt.

Requirements: height minimum 2.5 meters. A height of 3 meters is preferable. Stage size minimum 1.5 x 1 meter.

I need about 15 minutes to prepare for my act.

I also need a bottle of red wine for the show. Of course an alcohol free option is possible.